The holiday season should be one of the most joyful times with family and friends. But as we all know, it can also be a season of stress. Financial stress and family stress combined with alcohol can cause people to do things that they normally would not.

This time of year, police are paying extra close attention to drivers. Even though you may be taking precautions, such as drinking a glass of water between each drink, having a large meal before having a few drinks, and even if you only had a couple of glasses of Champagne at the office holiday party, you could still be pulled over and charged with a DUI.

Should you find yourself in a tricky situation this holiday season, please contact Joe Bustos Law Office for legal advice. We are here to help make a very stressful situation into a much more manageable one!

From all of us at The Bustos Law Office, we wish you and yours a wonderful and safe Holiday Season.